Sierra Nevada Byways Includes Tahoe Basin, Mammoth Lakes and Owens Valley areas

Sierra Nevada Byways Includes Tahoe Basin, Mammoth Lakes and Owens Valley areas


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Less expensive than a tank of gas, this book describes 50 backcountry routes for you and your family to explore along California's magnificent mountainous spine. Clear directions and locator maps for each trip are provided, along with tips for refining your backcountry driving skills, locations for campgrounds and amenities, and the best pull-outs for great views.

Among the featured adventures in this book are trips that let you:
  • Traverse a mountainside shelf in Inyo National Forest, where you'll pass alpine lakes, sand dunes, and views of the Owens Valley on your way to the White Mountains.
  • Tour historic sites near Saddleback Mountain where mineres dug for gold.
  • Climb 5000+ feet aboe the pale washes of the Mojave Desert to the conifer forests and bristlecone pines of the rugged southern Sierra.
  • Follow deep, wooded canyons and undulating mountain roads in the Sierra Nevada rainshadow.

Whether you have only a few hours or a few weeks, Sierra Nevada Byways takes you down roads pioneered by the forty-niners and the Golden State's earliest emigrants.

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