Sheaths & Holsters

Sheaths & Holsters

Rock hammer sheaths and holsters

You can always just hand carry your hammer or stick it in your belt but there's better ways to carry it into the field.

Gfeller Casemakers holsters and sheaths

Our choice for ease of use in the field and with a long lasting life is the quality leather gear from Gfeller Casemakers, especially the swivel holster or the regular holster. It's easy to get your hammer in and out of these holsters. If you really want a sheath, then the Gfeller Casemakers sheaths are truly functional in the field.

Estwing Hammerlock pick holster

Want functionality at a cheap price? Choose the Estwing Hammerlock Pick Holster. Beautiful? No. Functional? You bet. Truly a best bet, an "Editor's Choice" for use in the field. It's easy to get the hammer in and out, you're protected from the point or edge, and the hammer stays safely with you.

Estwing leather sheaths

Our Estwing leather sheaths are very popular. They protect both you and the hammer, but until they're really broken in I find them hard to use.

You'll also find sheaths for your chisels too!