River Cobbles from the Sierra Nevada

River Cobbles from the Sierra Nevada


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Hurry!! These can't last long! One full ton of actual cobbles eroded from the Sierra Nevada mountains. Contains actual rocks washed downstream from the Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia Nation Park areas. Each ton of these river cobbles contains an assortment of igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks showing a wide variety of patterns and colors. Guaranteed to contain rocks over 100 million years old! Due to the unpredictability of mass wasting we could run out of these at any time. Order soon!.
This product ships in thirty (30) boxes and requires additional handling and shipping cost. Standard ground shipping by either UPS or USPS will be approximately $2,500.00. The cost of overnight shipping will be approximately $8,250 more if delivery is required before 10am. Please contact Customer Service for additional details. We're sorry but since these cobbles are part of the United States we can not ship them outside of the United States. Sorry but these are only sold in one ton lots. As each rock is picked by hand it takes between five and ten years to ship this product.
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jay Rehor (jrehor@excite.com)
    I was very satisfied with my purchase. Although shipping took so long, I forgot I had even ordered them, it was worth the wait. Imagine my surprise when I got home one day and 30 boxes of the Sierra Nevada were sitting on my doorstep. Amateurgeologist.com is the best! Thanks for providing such a unique product. So glad I was able to get some of these authentic limited edition Sierra Nevada cobbles before mass wasting destroyed them all, or before glaciation comes back and covers them all up again.
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