Megacraters on Earth : Introduction to Cosmic Geology

Megacraters on Earth : Introduction to Cosmic Geology


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This book describes the history of earth for at least 250 million years. Evidence is found in newly-discovered craters up to 3640 miles in diameter. More than 200 have been cataloged. Comets appear to have exploded at high altitudes in contrast to the familiar craters from impacting astroids. The first chapter describes and illustrates every region on the globe. These explosions closed all the geological eras, repeatedly reset the clock of evolution, and started lava flows. Major creacks in bedrock became mid-ocean rieges, leading to the present location of the continents. Overthrusting of stretched bedrock during rebound created subduction trenches down which ocean floor is lost under island arcs. Geolographical features of the modern world reveal the craters. Evidence includes mountain ranges, earthquakes, volcanoes, rivers, seas, and islands of every kind. In refilling the great basins, mineral-laden, rock formations at great depth were brought closer to the surface within reach of existing, mining technology. Locations of all oil fields are explained along with a new method for advanced prospecting. The explosions have provided humanity with all ingredients required for civilization. One of them, 65 millions years ago, opened the gate for mammals allowing development of mankind.
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