• Apex Picks

    Apex Picks

    Thanks for your interest in an Apex Pick. Properly used it will greatly reduce nugget and relic recover time and user fatigue.

    Old style nugget recovery picks typically don't offer or offer only one Super Magnet mounting position. This design forces the user to exert much more energy attempting to recover a target. Field trip outings are very costly these days. Apex picks will give you more productive times in the field.

    Apex picks are equally suited for relic and other treasure recovery.

    Target Recovery Tip for Apex Picks:

    Once you have zeroed-in on your target with your metal detector, scratch a 24" - 30" square boundary around it with the tip of your pick.

    Then carefully use the pick's tip to break-up the hardened soil surface and score it in a crosshatch pattern.

    Be careful to avoid damaging the target.

    Lay your pick on its side within the boundary and pull the loosened soil just over the boundary edge nearest to you and run the metal detector over the entire area including the pile.

    If it's gone then check the pick:

    This is where the Apex Pick design pays off!

    Whether your target is an iron bearing rock, nail, steel relic or a 100 year old shard of a rusty can, Apex's battery of powerful Super Magnets have done their job.

    If it's on the pick you can fill the hole and move on. If its still there; repeat the recovery steps again, until you recover the "gold", "relic" or trash.

    • Hickory handles
    • Light carry weight
    • The pick head is backed by a 100% lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to original purchaser
    • The pick head is tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 45-50 Rc which provides extreme durability, a long service life, and reduces “chipping” hazards.*
    • The pick has 3 Super Magnets (35 pound pull each) mounted on the head. An optional handle magnet and replacement magnets are sold separately.
    • Magnets are mounted using a split ring magnet retention design which protects the magnets from impact and allows easier removal for clean up and replacement.
    • The pick comes with Nugget and Relic Recovery Instructions on using the pick to make recovery of your target faster and easier.
    Safety Warning: Always remember to use Hand and Eye protection.

    Talon Stubby
    Badger LT
    Head Size (in)
    12.0 by 4.5 12.0 by 4.5 12.0 by 4.5 10.0 by 3.5
    10.0 by 3.5 10.0 by 3.5
    Handle Length (in)
    Carry Weight (lbs)
    Number Magnets


  • BelOMO


    We are a BelOMO partner and the exclusive importer and distributor of BelOMO loupes for North America.

    The BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier is the world's most popular loupe. The triplet lens of a BelOMO Loupe is constructed from three pieces of glass that are then bonded together to create a single compound lens. A triplet lens ensures that the light that enters the lens reaches the eye without distortion of the image or colors. The lenses of all the BelOMO loupes are coated with an anti-reflective coating so that the light isn't reflected away by the glass but enters the lens and reaches the eye.

    We are currently importing the following BelOMO loupes into North America:

    Triplet Loupes:

    Quadruplet Loupes:

    Doublet Loupes:


  • Eschenbach


    Eschenbach Optik of America - offering the highest quality of low vision aid products through the use of magnifiers, telescopes, sun filters, binoculars, and electronic reading devices.

  • Estwing


    Estwing Manufacturing Company has been manufacturing the finest tools since 1921. Estwing geological tools are the standard of geologists and rockhounds worldwide.

    In 2001 Estwing introduced the new shock reduction grip that provides users with the best available grip for reducing vibrations caused by impact. Plus, this grip offers the utmost in both comfort and durability. Field tested for two years, this Estwing patented innovation is sure to be the standard for ergonomically correct hammers for decades to come. All of Estwing's nylon vinyl grip tools are now being made with this new material.

    Estwing Manufacturing Company does not allow US and Canadian distributors and retailers to ship Estwing geological tools to the following areas: United Kingdom, Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore or Honk Kong. We're sorry but if you live in one of these areas then you must purchase through your regional distributor.


  • Gfeller Casemakers

    Gfeller Casemakers

    Gfeller Casemakers makes saddle leather cases, holsters, and sheaths for geological and rockhounding equipment. Gfeller Casemakers quality products really work and last a lifetime.


  • Kenyon - Midwest Rake

    Kenyon - Midwest Rake

    We found this great company in Indiana that believes in producing high quality tools. Made in America High Quality Tools. They're not working to become the biggest tool maker, they're working to be the best. Let's call them the Estwing of rakes and shovels.

    They say:

    "Most of our core tools are made in Warsaw, Indiana. For nearly two decades, all of us at Midwest Rake Company have worked very hard to earn and sustain a reputation for producing and offering tools of quality and distinction... for creativity and innovation, and for technical help and sales support before and after the sale.
    • We practice business as if we were our customer...
    • We are thankful for and take great pride in the market segments we serve; for the
    • demands and expectations of the “best” only serve to make us better as a company.
    • Our business depends on relationships - long-term relationships. That is why we work hard to continue to earn the privilege of working with our customers. It is our goal to build our customers’ business, for in doing so, we build our own.
    • We truly believe that our products are the face of each and every employee of Midwest Rake Company.
    • We believe that our success is dependent upon the satisfaction of each and every customer we serve... small as well as large.
    • We do not deny access to the resale of our products based on minimum purchase requirements in any form; for no customer is too small.
    • We create many new tools based on customer demand and are well known for our talent in design engineering.
    • We see many of our designs and quality features copied. We believe this to be the ultimate compliment; yet although copied, our products are never successfully duplicated.
    • We believe that the true cost of a tool is the sum of times you have to replace it... our quality consciousness is no accident."


  • Raytech


    Premiere manufacturer of tumblers, lapidary saws, flat laps, fluorescent ultraviolet lights, and lapidary equipment.


  • Valley


    Valley Industries is a supplier of high quality, yet economical solid steal drop forged rocj hammers and other geological and rockhounding tools. The line of tools manufactured includes low cost fiberglass handled rock hammers and crack hammers (sledge hammers).