History of the Earth : Geology, Ecology, and Biology

History of the Earth : Geology, Ecology, and Biology


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Attractively illustrated with color illustrations, diagrams, and photos, this volume presents clear, concise, short-entry descriptions and explanations of hundreds of topics relating to the earth sciences. Subjects are described under five major headings:
1. The young Earth, which describes the Earth as part of the solar system, its origins, mineral composition and the development of its atmosphere, oceans, land formations, and earliest simple life forms.
2. The explosion of life, which describes the evolution of plants, life in the oceans, amphibians, and insects.
3. The age of dinosaurs, which presents descriptions of various species from the Mesozoic through the Triassic eras.
4. The age of mammals, which describes animals we see on earth today, as well as birds, marsupials, and other animals.
5. Human beings, which describes our place among the Earth?s other life forms, and our development of technology and cultures within the greater ecological system. History of the Earth is a valuable reference volume for young readers, and is sure to find a place in school and public libraries, as well as in the home.
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