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How Long Does It Take Us To Ship An Order?

We feel it's important to ship every order on the business day that we receive it. We ship using your choice of United Parcel Service (UPS) or US Postal Service (USPS). UPS packages are picked up each weekday afternoon between 2:15-4:30 pm Pacific time and USPS packages are delivered to the Lone Pine Post Office before their daily pickup which occurs around 2:15 pm Pacific time . There's a great chance that if we receive your order before 1:30 pm Pacific time we'll get it out on the same day. At least we're going to try!

Is an item in stock?

Most Likely. We try to keep everything in stock with sufficient inventory available. The product's page automatically shows the current quantity in stock. This is a live inventory quantity queried directly from the database each time a product page is loaded in your web browser. Sometimes inventory mistakes happen but not often.

Would Please send me a catalog?

Like and many other businesses we are an Internet only business. Our website is our catalog and we don't have a printed catalog. Printing a catalog is an added expense which means that either a company must charge for the catalog or pass the expense on to all the other customers. To keep our prices as low as possible we do not print a catalog.

Business Hours

Our normal shop hours are Monday - Friday 9am-5pm Pacific Time. We are located in California, that means our local time is 3 hours earlier than east coast time. If you call us at 9:00am and you're in New York, guess what, I'm still asleep because it's 6:00am here on the west coast. We're a small business but I'm often around later in the evening or on weekends trying to catch up on everything that has fallen behind during the week.

Contact Us By Phone

We are an Internet business and we are a small business. Internet orders are our primary way of accepting orders. We each wear many hats and we do not have a dedicated phone order desk. In fact, I, Dana Jeffries, the President and CEO, will be answering your call because none of my staff feels comfortable on the phone.

If I happen to be near my desk I usually won't answer on the first couple of rings since so often I'm not next to a phone. It seems you never call until I step away from desk. ;-) I'm also struggling to get my headset on, the cord of which is usually tangled in something.

I'm usually around the desk between 11am and 2pm west coast time. You're not very likely to catch me at other times so leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Email is the best way to communicate.

Due to the high ration of sales calls to customer calls I depend upon Caller ID to decide if I'll answer the phone. If you have Caller ID blocked please turn the blocking off when you call us. Probably 4 out of 5 calls I answer that don't have Caller ID actually have no one there. You know, an automatic caller that'll switch you to an operator after you answer. I'm quick at hanging up.

Phone FAQs:

  • If you're calling about an order you placed please have the Amateur Geologist Order Reference Number available. I prefer this number over the shopping cart's order number as I use order management software that consolidates orders and shipping from the multiple selling platforms we use.
  • Believe it not, Internet orders ARE the most secure way to place an order. A telephone line can be tapped into at many places along the line and a thief could easily sit in a back alley or basement with a pad a paper and get plenty of credit card information. An order placed on the Internet is encrypted and can only be decrypted by a supercomputer. All a thief would get is a bunch or garbled letters and numbers. Just about every business stores its business and customer information on a computer and that computer is usually connected to the Internet. Unless that computer and its network have the proper firewalls (anti-hacker hardware and software) in place, as we do, then a thief can get at your information which is stored on their computers. Don't worry about how you provide a company with your personal and credit card information, worry about how they handle your information after you provide it to them. Never send credit card information by email.
  • I handle customers on a first come, first served basis. Have you ever stood in line at a business and when you finally get the attention of the clerk suddenly someone a calls in and "cuts in line"? Well, it's a pet peeve with me. If I'm working with a customer when your call comes in I'll let it go to voice mail.
  • If I get stuck working in the warehouse on a crush of orders or when we're short on staff or when a delivery has arrived I'll probably let your call go to voice mail. I have a cordless phone but I usually don't grab it on a quick trip to the warehouse.
  • I may take our postal orders to the post office just before 2pm to allow us to ship orders on the business day we receive them. I often dawdle in our friendly town or help someone out with a computer problem.
  • We live in a great small town with a slow pace and a great view of Mt. Whitney and the Sierra. We enjoy taking advantage of it. If things are slow the shipping staff may go home and I may go for a walk or a bike ride. I might even sneak over to Haystack and look for some amazonite or beryl or go out to one of the old gold mines in the Alabama Hills, the famous rocks seen in over 400 movies filmed in the area. Really this never happens but I like to think I might actually break away some day. When it's quiet I'm trying to catch up on all the bookkeeping and ordering inventory.
  • A lot of days things really get hectic and it may be late in the afternoon before I can take a break or finally get a chance to eat lunch. If so, I'll let your call go to voice mail.
  • I WILL return your call as soon as I'm able.

When you are ready to place an order or you need to contact us about an existing order, please call us toll free: 1-866-RockPick (866-762-5742).

General information or product information: 760-876-5427
Fax number is: Nah. Just send us an Email. Faxes are text, emails are text, colorful and artful text.

To receive "Our Internet Price" you must place your order on our website.

Don't want to use a credit card on the Internet?

Did you know that almost every business uses the Internet to process credit card information? Even though you may make a purchase at the grocery store, department store, gas station, wherever, the credit card transaction is processed over the internet just as web shopping carts process them.

You don't have your credit card information compromised placing an order on the internet because every transaction is fully encrypted. Where your credit card information gets compromised is in the office of the business. You can just as easily have your credit card information stolen if you make a purchase in from a local merchant.

The trick to protecting you information is for a business to have the proper firewalls in place to prevent someone from hacking into the computer systems and stealing information. Small business, and probably you, are often connected to the Internet 24/7 and some don't have the proper security and firewalls in place to prevent someone from breaking into their systems. Make sure you have secured your own computers and have a firewall, preferably a hardware firewall, in place.

If you still don't want to use your credit card information online but you still want our Internet price just use our shopping cart and for your payment option choose to Pay by Phone. Choose that and I'll soon call you to get your credit card information. To prevent a delay in shipping your order make sure you can be reached at the phone number you provide or provide a backup number. Remember, we're on the west coast. International Customers: You'll need to call us with your payment information. Give us at least 30 minutes before you call, and see my office hours above. You can leave your payment information on my answering machine if I'm away from the desk, which will probably happen.

Regular phone orders, those where you call and place the entire order by phone, are charged a 5% handling fee. Why do we charge this handling fee? It's because we're an Internet Company and not a catalog sales company. One of the ways we pass on cheap prices to you is by not having a dedicated phone sales staff.

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