Geology of National Parks

Geology of National Parks


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1999 Recipient of GSA Award for Outstanding Contribution to Public Understanding of Geology!

Geology of National Parks, now in its Fifth Edition, by Ann G. Harris, Esther Tuttle, and Sherwood D. Tuttle, is the most fascinating and up-to-date geological guide to the national parks available today. Sure, your students will be impressed by the rocks and magnificent scenery, but what they'll find really dynamic is what's going on geologically. Knowing something about geology not only increases your students' enjoyment and awareness of national parks, but also enhances their understanding of the natural world.

Your students visit all 54 national parks in only 758 pages and never have to leave the classroom. Each park is assigned to one of five geologic categories. The book proceeds from simple geologic themes to more complex ones, and has been enhanced with 73 color photographs. The five sections, each introduced by a brief explanation of the theme, are as follows:

Part I: Scenery developed by weathering and erosion on flat-lying rocks

Part II: Caves and reefs in national parks

Part III: Landscapes shaped by continental or alpine glaciation

Part IV: Volcanic features and volcanic activity

Part V: Landscapes in areas of complex mountains

Geology of National Parks presents basic elements of physical geology in a nontraditional format. Your students learn how interactions occur between rock and landscapes in different climates and how types of soil cover evolve. They also learn how life forms (both plants and animals) select habitats based on geological characteristics.

Outstanding features include:

  • Seventy-three color photos new to this revised printing
  • Terms and concepts defined and explained as they are introduced
  • Guest chapters contributed by professional geologists who possess expertise in specific areas
  • Maps, illustrations, photos, and geologic columns help your students distinguish important rock units and relative times of geologic events for each park
  • Key features listed on chapter openers stimulate interest
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