Geologic Time Scale 2004

Geologic Time Scale 2004


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An international team of over forty stratigraphic experts have helped to build
the most up to date international stratigraphic framework for the Precambrian
and Phanerozoic. This successor to A Geologic Time Scale 1989 by W. Brian Harland
et al. (CUP 0521 387655) begins with an introduction to the theory and methodology
behind the construction of the new time scale. The main part of the book is
devoted to the scale itself, systematically presenting the standard subdivisions
at all levels using a variety of correlation markers. Extensive use is made
of isotope geochronology, geomathematics and orbital tuning to produce a standard
geologic scale of unprecedented detail and accuracy with a full error analysis.
A wallchart summarising the whole time scale, with paleogeographic reconstructions
throughout the Phanerozoic, is included in the back of the book. The time scale
will be an invaluable reference source for academic and professional researchers
and students.

  • Most detailed international geologic time scale

  • Includes wallchart

  • Compiled by international team of experts

  • Ratified by International Commission on Stratigraphy

  • Uses foremost methodologies


Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction; 2. Chronostratigraphy - linking time
and rock; Part II. Concepts and Methods: 3. Biostratigraphy F. M. Gradstein,
R. A. Cooper and P. M. Sadler; 4. Earth's orbital parameters and cycle stratigraphy
L. A. Hinnov; 5. The geomagnetic polarity time scale A. G. Smith and J. G.
Ogg; 6. Radiogenic isotope geochronology M. Villeneuve; 7. Stable isotopes
J. M. McArthur and R. J. Howarth; 8. Geomathematics F. P. Agterberg; Part III.
Geologic Periods: 9. The Precambrian: the Archaen and Proterozoic eons L. J.
Robb, A. H. Knoll, K. A. Plumb, G. A. Shields, H. Strauss, J. Veizer and W.
Bleeker; 10. The Cambrian period J. H. Shergold and R. A. Cooper; 11. The Ordovician
period R. A. Cooper and P. M. Sadler; 12. The Silurian period M. J. Melchin,
R. A. Cooper and P. M. Sadler; 13 . The Devonian period M. R. House and F.
M Gradstein; 14. The Carboniferous period V. Davydov, B. R. Wardlaw and F.
M. Gradstein; 15. The Permian period B. R. Wardlaw, V. Davydov and F. M Gradstein;
16. The Triassic period J. G. Ogg; 17. The Jurassic period J. G. Ogg; 18. The
Cretaceous Period J. G. Ogg, F. P. Agterberg and F. M. Gradstein; 19. The Paleogene
period H. P. Luterbacher, J. R. Ali, H. Brinkhuis, F. M. Gradstein, J. J. Hooker,
S. Monechi, J. G. Ogg, J. Powell, U. Röhl, A. Sanfilippo, and B. Schmitz;
20 The Neogene period L. Lourens, F. Hilgen, N. J. Shackleton, J. Laskar and
D. Wilson; 21 The Pleistocene and Holocene epochs P. Gibbard and T. van Kolfschoten;
Part IV. Summary: 22. Construction and summary of the geologic time scale;
Appendices; References.


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