Explorers Guide to Death Valley National Park

Explorers Guide to Death Valley National Park


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In the fall of 1994, Death Valley National Park became the fifty-third park to
be added to the U.S. park system. Spanning more than three million acres, Death
Valley is the largest park in the contiguous United States and features a stunningly
diverse array of natural attractions.

The Explorer's Guide to Death Valley National Park is the first
complete guidebook available for this spectacular area. It covers the park's
geologic history and also reviews the human history of the valley, form the
Indians and first western explorers to the prospectors, miners, and present-day

Shrubs, trees, and wildflowers are described along with where and when they
can be found. The habitats and lifestyles of the wildlife, from the rangy coyote
to the tiny springsnail, are shared with the reader.

The Explorer's Guide contains short walks, day hikes, backpacking
trips, and numerous descriptive road logs that lead explorers into the wilderness
backcountry of mines, ghost towns, cactus gardens, incredible scenic vistas,
and desert mysteries.

Written by two acknowledged desert naturalists, explorers, and conservationists, The
Explorer's Guide
is the only book you'll need for an all-encompassing
experience in Death Valley National Park.

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