Earthsteps: A Rocks Jorney Through Time (Ages 9-12)

Earthsteps: A Rocks Jorney Through Time (Ages 9-12)


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Following a rock over millions of years could be like watching paint dry. In this case, the watching is well worth the 250-million-year trip. The transformation of an ordinary rock begins in the Permian Period and continues to the present day. The story starts when Dimetrodon walked the earth and granite valleys hugged shallow ponds. Through the Triassic and Jurassic periods and beyond, the rock changes, and so does the earth. The mica-speckled rock bears silent witness to the transforming animal and plant life all around it. Even though this large rock ends up as a speck of sand, the beauty and drama around it are nicely realized in full-color paintings. Denia Hester
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