Earthshake : Poems from the Ground Up (Ages 5-8)

Earthshake : Poems from the Ground Up (Ages 5-8)


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Maybe that plain old rock has gleaming jewels inside.
Maybe Africa and South America used to be best friends.
Maybe a clam that died 300 million years ago is in your backyard.
What secrets is Earth hiding? These twenty-two poems leave no stone unturned in exploring the world?s natural wonders.
Crack this book open and watch geology sparkle.
Presents twenty-two poems about geology. End notes provide information about the earth's surface and interior, types of rocks, and how volcanoes, glaciers, and erosion modify the landscape.

Our review: Beautiful, brightly-colored illustrations accompany these poems. If you read these poems to your child and you discuss their meaning with him or her, you'll be introducing geology in a delightful way.

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