Earth in Turmoil : Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Their Impact on Humankind

Earth in Turmoil : Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Their Impact on Humankind


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(Overstock book, special discount) Volcanologists risking their lives to scoop samples from an erupting volcano's throat... Geologists scratching the desert floor, looking for traces of ancient tremors... Seismologists tracking the sudden movements of rock deep within the earth. Together, they are fitting together pieces of a grand puzzle-the fathomless mystery of Earth's fitful evolution.

The Earth in Turmoil, the acclaimed account of what we now know about volcanoes and earthquakes, is now available in paperback. Exploring natural hazards in the U.S. region by region, it combines lively accounts of past disasters with expert predictions for the future, including a final chapter on how people can mitigate the damaging effects of earthquakes and volcanoes through individual and collective action. A captivating blend of human interest and authoritative science, The Earth in Turmoil is a thrillride into the heart of the most powerful forces nature can unleash. 61 illustrations, 23 color plates.

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