Crystalline Aggregate Collection

Crystalline Aggregate Collection


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CRYSTAL HABITS AND AGGREGATES COLLECTION Many minerals form distinct crystal patterns as the crystals grow. Minerals may form isolated or distinct crystals, in radiating or parallel groups, or in a collection of crystals call aggregates. Aggregates of minerals sometimes are composed of scales or lamellae or of grains. Below is a list of terms geologists use to describe these crystal habits:
ACICULAR -slender, needle like crystals MYGDALOIDAL A -rock with mineral filled cavaties
BANDED -narrow bands of differing colors BLADED -elongated, flattened crystals
BOTRYOIDAL -globular forms like a bunch of grapes CAPILLARY -hair like crystals
COLLOFORM -spherical forms of radiating crystals COLUMNAR -column like crystal
CONCENTRIC -spherical layers around a common center CONCRETION -minerals formed around a nucleus
DENDRITIC -slender divergent branches DRUSY -a layer of small crystals on a surface
FIBROUS -slender fiber aggregate of crystals FILIFORM -embedded threadlike crystals
FOLIATED -easily separated into plates GEODE - a spherical hollow cavity lined by mineral(s)
GLOBULAR -radiating crystals forming small spheres GRANULAR -composed of grain like crystals
LAMELLAR -plate like crystals forming layers MAMMILLARY-round masses resembling mammae
MASSIVE -a mineral w/o distinguishing features or form MICACEOUS -easily separated into thin sheets
OOLITIC -aggregate of small spheres resembling fish eggs PISOLITIC -aggregate of spheres the size of peas
RADIATED -radiating crystal groups RENIFORM -radiating crystals forming kidney shape
RETICULATED -lattice like groups of crystals ROSETTE- a flowerlike crystal growth of minerals
STALACTITIC-conical/cylindrical deposits of minerals STELLATED -radiating crystals forming circular groups

1.  Calcite (in Limestone) Oolitic
2.  Quartz Geode
3.  Wavellite Radiated/Stellated
4.  Barite Rosette
5.  Vanadinite Drusy
6.  Spodumene Columnar
7.  Gypsum var. Satin Spar Fibrous
8.  Biotite Micaceous/Foliated
9.  Barite Lamellar/Tabular
10. Olivine Granular
11. Dolomite Granular
12. Bauxite Pisolitic
13. Onyx Banded
14. Chalcedony Massive
15. Gypsum var. Alabaster Massive
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    The current collection contains:
    Syenite-CO Obsidian-UT
    Granite-potassium-CO Rhyolite Porphyry-CO
    Pegmatite-CO Vitrophyre-CO
    Andesite-CO Vesicular Basalt-CO
    Tuff-CO Monzonite Porphyry-CO
    Granite-sodium-CO Basalt-CO
    Diorite-CO Granodiorite-CO
    Rhyolite-CO Gabbro-WY
    Pumice-CA Anorthosite-WY
    Carbonatite-QUE Scoria-CO
    Breccia-CO Trachyte-CO

    Coquina-TX Conglomerate- CO
    Siltstone-CO Sandstone-CO
    Rock Salt-UT Oil Shale-CO
    Limestone-CO Fossiiiferous Limestone-TX
    Bituminous Coal-WY Arkose-CO
    Gypsum-CO Shale-CO
    Breccia-CO Calcareous Tufa-SD
    Dolomite-CO Sandstone-banded-WY

    Gneiss-CO Slate-VT
    Mica Schist-WY Garnet Schist-SD
    Amphibolite-CO Homfels-WY
    Serpentinite-WY Quartzite -WY
    Phyllite-SD Anthracite Coal-PA
    Marble-WY Chlorite Schist-CO

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