Chisels, Pick, Bars and Shovels

Chisels, Pick, Bars and Shovels

Chisels, picks, bars, and shovels

You can whack at rock with with your rock hammer head or pick or chisel around your rock hammers tool end. Heck, you might even hit the same place a couple of times. You're going to have to remove a large amount of rock carefully to keep from damaging your future specimen. Consider how much better it would be to use a chisel, have control over where your energy is expended, and recover your specimen quicker and easier. (Hint.- a crack hammer will make your work easier too.)

Go with a 3lb crack hammer for a good compromise between working and carrying weight. The Estwing gad pry bar will help you to pry out that specimen once you've got a ggod crack started using your chisel and/or crack hammer.

Back now is the famous Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick and now it's stronger than before. Weighing in at about 3 pounds it's a great tool to carry into the field.

You'll find folding shovels for the back pack or belt here too.

Estwing Manufacturing Company does not allow US and Canadian distributors and retailers to ship Estwing geological tools to the following areas: United Kingdom, Europe, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Singapore or Hong Kong. We're sorry but if you live in one of these areas then you must purchase through your regional distributor.