Carolina Rocks! : The Geology of South Carolina

Carolina Rocks! : The Geology of South Carolina


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An excellent guide through the many layers ol sand, clay, and rock that make up the Palmetto state. A comprehensive study of an enormous subject. Examines the geologic history of the state. Lists geology resources and references Glossary, Index, Bibliography.
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  • California Rocks! A Guide to Geologic Sites in the Golden State

    Tour California by visiting these 65 geological sites, each site illustrated with color pictures Geologic Time Scale
    Plate Tectonics and California

    Northeast California
    I. Lava Beds National Monument
    Caves in Basalt
    2. Mount Shasta
    A Stratovolcano
    3. Castle Crags State Park
    Exfoliation Joints in Granitic Rock
    4. McArthur— Burney Falls Memorial State Park
    A Spring-Fed Waterfall
    5. Lassen Volcanic National Park
    Eruptions and Boiling Springs

    North Coast
    6. Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
    Josephine Ophiolite
    7. Crescent City
    Tsunami Country
    8. Patrick's Point State Park
    Franciscan Melange and Younger Rocks
    9. Cache Creek Natural Area
    The Great Valley Sequence
    10. Salt Point State Park
    Trace Fossils

    San Francisco Bay Area
    1 I. Sonoma Coast State Park
    Sea Stacks
    12. Calistoga's Petrified Forest
    Petrified Wood
    13. Napa Valley
    Terroir of Wine
    14. Point Reyes National Seashore
    The San Andreas Fault and the Rocks It Brought with It
    15. Golden Gate National Recreation Area
    Radiolarian Chert and Pillow Basalt
    16. Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve
    Young Volcanics in the Coast Range
    17. Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve
    California Coal
    18. Mount Diablo State Park
    Trail Through Time
    19. Vasco Caves Regional Preserve
    Concretions in Sandstone
    20. Mavericks Surf Break
    Seafloor Topography
    21. San Gregorio State Beach
    Sea Caves and Trace Fossils
    22. Bean Hollow State Beach
    Tafoni and Graded Bedding
    23. Los Trancos Open Space Preserve
    The 1906 Earthquake
    24. Almaden Quicksilver County Park
    Mercury Mine

    Sierra Nevada
    25. Sutter Buttes
    A Young Volcanic Center
    26. Empire Mine State Historic Park
    Hard Rock cold Mine
    27. Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park
    Hydraulic Mining of Placer Deposits
    28. Mather Regional Park
    Vernal Pools
    29. Lake Tahoe
    History of a Basin
    30. Grover Hot Springs State Park
    Sierra Volcanics
    31. California State Mining and Mineral Museum
    Gemstones and Gold
    32. Yosemite National Park
    Sculpting by Water and Ice
    33. Kings Canyon National Park
    Mineralogy of Granite
    34. Sequoia National Park
    Caves in Marble

    Eastern Sierra
    35. Bodie State Historic Park
    Gold Mining Ghost Town
    36. Mono Lake Tufa State Natural Reserve
    Pillars of Limestone
    37. Panum Crater
    A Very Recent Eruption
    38. Devils Postpile National Monument
    Columns in a Lava Flow
    39. Horseshoe Lake
    Carbon Dioxide Tree Kill
    40. Hot Creek Geological Site
    Hot Geysers in a Cold Creek
    41. Convict Lake
    A Roof Pendant
    Central Coast
    42. Castle Rock State Park
    Tafoni Weathering of Sandstone
    43. Natural Bridges State Beach
    Coastal Erosion
    44. Carmel River State Beach
    Submarine Monterey Canyon
    45. Point Lobos State Natural Reserve
    The Salinian Block and the Carmelo Formation
    46. Morro Bay State Park
    A Line of Volcanic Plugs
    47. Pinnacles National Monument
    7-1 Volcano Split by the San Andreas Fault

    South Coast
    48. Gaviota State Park
    The Monterey Formation
    49. Kern County Museum
    Black Gold
    50. Red Rock Canyon State Park
    Miocene Fossils
    51. Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area
    Transverse Ranges
    52. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area
    Red Conglomerates and Fanglomerates
    53. Devils Punchbowl County Park
    Folded and Faulted Rocks
    54. La Brea Tar Pits
    Ice Age Fossils
    55. Abalone Cove Shoreline Park
    56. Crystal Cove State Park
    Marine Terraces
    57. San Onofre State Beach
    Cristianitos Fault
    58. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
    Sedimentary Features along the Beach Trail
    59. Mission Trails Regional Park
    Mountain of granite
    60. Cuyamaca Rancho State Park
    Rocks of the Peninsular Ranges

    61. Death Valley National Park
    Salt Flats in a Closed Basin
    62. Mojave National Preserve
    Sand Dunes and Volcanic Tuff
    63. Joshua Tree National Park
    Rock Weathering
    64. Salton Sea State Recreation Area
    A Saline Lake
    65. Anza - Borrego Desert State Park
    Flash Floods
  • Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick GP100

    Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick GP100

    The famous Estwing Geo/Paleo Pick GP100 has made a grand reentry after being out of production for several years. The handle has been beefed up to make the unit even stronger. It is 25 inches long with a total weight of 3 pounds. Painted steel with a soft vinyl grip. The light weight but great strength of this makes it a great field tool for any geologist or rockhound.

    Not only is this a great digging tool but I use mine to help me navigate the steep slopes of mine tailings. Jab the tip in and pull yourself up then use the hoe end to cut a quick shelf to work from.

  • Gold Prospectors Handbook

  • Geodes : Natures Treasures

    An all new, encompassing book about geodes!

    Welcome to nature's
    mysterious world of geodes!

    In this book two renowned experts share their lifelong passion for geodes and their extensive knowledge of world-class geode deposits as they present the latest theories on the formation and occurrence of these amazing mineral gifts of nature.

    • Visit the geode mines of Northern Mexico and Southern Brazil with Brad Cross
    • Learn the geode mining process and how the astonishing treasures hidden inside are uncovered.
    • Travel with June Culp Zeitner as she explores vast geode deposits throughout the Midwestern United States that provide a recorded history of the ancient seas that once covered the land.
    • Discover Florida's ocean harvest of unparalleled agatized geodes.
    • Meet the close cousins of geodes - thundereggs, septarians, and concretions.

    The most comprehensive book ever written on geodes of the Americas - a definitive reference for serious collectors and a delightful mineral exploration for both experts and novices.

    Over 140 full-color photos of geodes that defy description!

  • AAPG Mid-Atlantic Geological Highway Map (Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia)

    Learn more about the geological history of the rocks around you! This colorful, educational map presents state/regional surface rock outcrop information: age, depositional environment, rock type, and names of formations. Includes major highways, towns, and landmarks. Printed on a single sheet and folded to glove compartment size, has a stratigraphic column by state, mileage charts. Scale: 1 inch=30 miles. Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Revised 1989.
  • AAPG Great Lakes Geological Highway Map (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin)

    Learn more about the geological history of the rocks around you! This colorful, educational map presents state/regional surface rock outcrop information?age, depositional environment, rock type, and names of formations. Includes major highways, towns, and landmarks. Printed on a single sheet and folded to glove compartment size, has a stratigraphic column by state, mileage charts. Scale: 1 inch=30 miles. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin.
  • Roadside Geology of Florida

    Finally a geology book for the most recent addition to the the North American continent: Florida!

    Walt Disney World, Apollo missions to the moon, orange juice—these are things the average person readily associates with Florida, but geology .. . ? Not so much. Roadside Geology of Florida will change that.

    You'll learn about limestone caverns, boiling spring heads, building swallowing sinkholes, coastal sand dunes far from any coast, predatory flightless birds, and rock strata containing the remains of some of the strangest animals that ever walked the Earth and much more.

    The Roadside Geology series strikes a new direction with this lasciviously illustrated book. Beautiful color photos and illustrations emphasis the clearly written explanations and concise descriptions. Roadside Geology of Florida devides the state into five regions then follows Florida's roads to its geological wonders.

    Covers both geology and fossils.
  • BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier with Plain Lanyard

    BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier with Plain Lanyard

    The world's best selling loupe: the BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe with the Plain Lanyard attached.

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    We highly recommend this loupe. This is the lens we use all the time.

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    Unsure? We encourage you to just Google BelOMO and peruse the rich praise for this loupe.

    Each BelOMO loupe we ship is custom treated to prevent the screws from coming loose with usage.


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