Photon Micro-Light 3 Crystal LED Light

Photon Micro-Light 3 Crystal LED Light Photon Micro Light 1 Keychain LED Flashlight
The Photon Micro-Light 3 utilizes a state-of-the-art micro-processor to make the already brightest-for-its-size LED Photon Micro-Light even more functional. The micro-processor gives you the choice of three levels of brightness, three levels of strobe, and a very handy one minute auto shutoff. At any time you can squeeze the front button to bypass the electronics to get instant brilliant light. The water resistant case has been engineered to quickly change the long-life lithium batteries.

CRYSTAL Photon 3: The Crystal Photon 3 features a transparent extended housing which allows the Photon 3 to be used with any of the Rav'n / P3 Crystals (sold separately) for an awesome effect. Because the crystal makes the light highly visible from nearly all angles, it is great for night-time bike riding, or attaching to a dog's collar at night for increased visibility. Combining two different colored P3's set at the fast & medium strobe speeds creates a brilliant pulsing effect that is sure to attract attention!

Availble in White, Blue, Red or Orange LED. The blue LED gives more contrast than white, the red LED protects your night vision, the orange LED gives more apparent light than the red while still protecting your night vision.

  • Micro-Processor Controlled On/Off Switch. State of the
    art integrated circuit with seven modes selected and activated by rear mode
    button. In any of the 3 brightness levels or strobe modes, the light will
    stay on until the button is squeezed again to turn it off. In the auto shut-off
    mode, the light will start with several rapid flashes and then switch to
    full brightness before turning itself off after one minute. When switched
    off, the computer remembers the last mode of operation, and automatically
    returns to that mode when the light is turned on again.
  • Convenient Electronic Bypass. At anytime in any mode or
    even in the off position the front part of the button is an override to the
    electronics. Squeezing and holding this override button provides you with
    maximum brightness in any situation.
  • Water Resistant case designed for easy battery changes.
  • Glass filled Polyurethane construction. Incredibly
    durable with superior abrasion and acid resistance.
  • Gold Battery Contacts. Every Photon 3 features gold
    plated battery contacts for improved reliability and electrical performance.
  • Guaranteed. The Photon 3 has been designed to give
    you years of trouble-free use. If your Photon 3 fails for any reason other
    than abuse or battery expiration, you may return for a free repair or replacement.
  • Patented & Patents Pending.


  • Photon Micro-Light 3 Crystal, Orange

    The Photon Micro-Light 3 Orange LED Light utilizes a state-of-the-art micro-processor to make the already brightest-for-its-size LED Photon Micro-Light even more functional. The orange light protects night vision but is brighter than red light.
    $19.95 save 15%