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Minerals, Fossils and Fluorescents of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors

Minerals, Fossils and Fluorescents of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors

  • Minerals, Fossils, and Fluorescents of Arizona


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Minerals, Fossils and Fluorescents of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors has over 90 collecting sites along with photographs and topographical maps including the GPS coordinates for each collecting location. Each collecting site also has a difficulty scale which provides the amount of effort to explore each site.

Minerals, Fossils and Fluorescents of Arizona: A Field Guide for Collectors cover the basic science behind the minerals, fossils, and fluorescents and goes a step beyond other guides to rocks and minerals. The geology of the geological formations is discussed. Don't care about the geology? Let's face it, collecting sites, especially those with GPS locations get well collected. But most collectors stop at the explicit location. Knowing the whys of the geology at a main collecting sites gives you the knowledge to go "over the hill" and find similar geology and locations. Perhaps you passed something very similar on the way to the site?

This book becomes the knowledgeable field trip leader you need to take you to the sites and help you independently locate your own collecting locations.
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    Each rock or mineral is treated on a two page listing where the left page has full color photos of two or more views of each specimen. There's a rather detailed description of each specimen with hardness, streak color, environment found, what to look for, where to look, size, color, occurrence frequency, an occurrence map, and descriptive notes.

  • Estwing Gad Pry Bar

    Estwing Gad Pry Bar (GP-18)

    Estwing's new Gad Pry Bar, introduced Nov 1, 2011, is designed for the serious rockhound. Use it to break rock, chip rock or pry rocks apart. This tool is designed to help you get those stubborn finds home.

    There are two polished hammer faces so that not only is this tool a Gad Pry Bar but it's also a chisel.

    The Estwing Gad Pry Bar is forged tool steel with I-beam construction. 18 in long to pry out that elusive sample.

    Light weight and multipurpose so you can carry less into, and more back from, your rockhounding trip.

    A Gfeller sheath is available for this gad/pry bar.
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  • Estwing Chipping Hammer E3-WC

    Estwing Chipping Hammer E3-WC

    The Estwing Chipping Hammer is used for either mineral or fossil collection. The chipping hammer has both a chisel end and a pointed tip end. The chisel end has the chisel placed vertically or parallel with the handle. The pick end is straight or parallel with the head end. The chisel end and the straight pick end provide more accuracy for the removal of specimens from the rock matrix.

    Note: Sheaths DO NOT work with this hammer. The Gfeller Casemaker's Holster work with this hammer.

    Head Width7 1/2 inches
    Overall Length11 inches
    Head Weight13 ounces
    Total Weight1 pound 7 ounces

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