JOBE Ultra-Lite Detector Pick w/ Super Magnet

JOBE Ultra-Lite Detector Pick w/ Super Magnet

  • JOBE Ultra-Lite Detector Pick w/ Super Magnet


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JOBE Ultra-Lite Detector Pick for when you're working in the field with your detector and you don't need to be carrying a lot of weight. The pick just barely breaks 1 pound in carry weight. The JOBE Ultra-Lite Detector Pick is too light for hard rock mining but it's great for picking and scratching a nugget out of hard ground. With a nugget detector pick you get you hit from the detector, break up the ground with the pointed end if it's hard enough, then either use the side of the pick or the hoe end to move a little dirt at a time. Check the area for your signal then check your "waste" pile. Follow the signal to find your nugget, or more likely, small flakes or tiny nuggets.

If you're going to be going after a gold vein still embedded in the country rock you're going to need a lot more pick and a lot more pick is too much to carry around until you know where you're really going to have to hard rock mine. And you'll need a lot more than a simple pick though some minors had little more.

Choose the JOBE Ultra-Lite Detector Pick with the magnet to remove the iron trash and isolate your gold.

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