Crack Hammers

Crack hammers

Crack hammers, also called sledge hammers are used to drive chisels and really crack and split rock. You'll find them particularly useful when specimens are embedded in hard rock.

 The Estwing Supreme 24oz Cross Pein Hammer makes a great rock hammer for field use, especially when paired with a 1 1/8" splitting chisel. The 24 oz head is great for breaking up rock and the wider head makes it easier, and safer, when driving chisels.

A 3 pound crack hammer or cross pein hammer is also a good weight to use. A 4 pound hammer will allow you to drive a chisel with even power. To get a specimen out of hard rock is hard work. You can remove a little of the matrix each time over many, many, many hammer swings or, using heavier hammers, just many swings.

The longer-handled hammers such as the Estwing Supreme 4lb Long Handled Crack Hammer or the Valley Fiberglass Handled 3lb or 4lb Cross Pein Hammers give you maximum striking force.

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