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  • Estwing rock hammers, Estwing rock picks, Estwing drilling hammers, Estwing crack hammers, and Estwing sledge hammers along with similar tools from Valley, American Heritage, Midwest Rake, Northstar. Over 50 different hammers.
  • Estwing rock chisels and Estwing gad/pry bar
  • Estwing geo/paleo pick, rockhound picks, prospector picks, and meteor hunter picks from Apex Picks, and Valley
  • Gold prospecting and rockhounding tools
  • Metal detectors
  • Back packs, belt packs, safari vests, photographer vest.
  • 50 types of magnifying loupes or hand lenses including BelOMO Loupe Magnifiers, Bausch & Lomb and Eschenbach
  • Over 400 geology and rockhounding books
  • Gem & Mineral Maps
  • Lapidary supplies for rock tumbling, rock cutting, rock shaping and rock polishing
  • Rock and mineral identification tools and books
  • Educational rock collections, mineral collections, and fossil collections
  • Fun and educational items for kids
  • Geologic maps
  • Novelty cups, novelty mugs, novelty stickers
  • Featured Products

  • BelOMO 10x Triplet Loupe Magnifier

    Probably the worlds most popular loupe. It's the one we use and the one we recommend.
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  • Estwing Supreme 22 oz Pointed Tip Rock Hammer E3-22P

    This is THE rock hammer (rock pick). The Estwing Supreme 22oz Pointed Tip Rock Pick (E3-22P) is the standard, the rock pick carried by more geologist and rockhounds. The nylon handle reduces shock by 50%.

    $42.88 save 35%